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Organisational and Personal Effectiveness


There is an age-old debate about what makes an organisation successful - strategy or execution?

Without the right strategy an organisation can easily go off course and spend time and resources working on activities that don't deliver the desired competitive advantage and results. Without proper execution however, costs can quickly escalate and the products and/or services delivered can be inferior to the competitions' - negatively impacting business performance.  

At Global Knowledge we believe the answer is simple - organisations need both the right strategy and the right execution. Global Knowledge's Organisational and Personal Effectiveness - Centre of Excellence provides a broad range of learning solutions and services designed to ensure that organisations can create the right strategy and make sure that the right people with the right skills and knowledge are in place to execute effectively.

Our Organisational and Personal Effectiveness Solutions

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The Global Knowledge Difference

The Right Solutions

Our approach to addressing complex business and people needs starts with ensuring that we deliver the right solution. We offer a core portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions in our Organisational and Personal Effectiveness portfolio, all aligned to the challenges.

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Delivered The Way You Prefer

We deliver solutions using a number of different learning traditional and technology-enabled modalities based on each customer's unique situation.

Achieving Results - Our Methodology

To ensure that we fully understand your needs and deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations, we apply a consistent approach when engaging with our customers. OPE Process 2 569x150Green

We start by analysing needs. That analysis can be completed through a variety of methods, ranging from personal interviews up to formally assessing competencies gaps using validated tools.

Once the analysis phase is completed, we identify the right solution which may be an off-the-shelf programme from our award-winning core Organisational and Personal Effectiveness portfolio or we can tailor an off-the-shelf programme to meet specific needs.

Global Knowledge can also develop a completely customised programme that can include content from the Organisational and Personal Effectiveness Portfolio, new content or content from our two other portfolios - the Enterprise Architecture and Business Capabilities Best Practice portfolio or our Technical or Vendor Certification portfolio.

We deliver our award-winning solutions through a variety of modalities in order to meet the unique needs of our customers, delivery methods include:

  • Traditional Classroom - on Global Knowledge premises or the customer site
  • V&C Select™ - a unique blended approach leveraging both a traditional and virtual classroom
  • e-Learning - developed using a variety of development tools ranging from rapid development to more traditional and complex e-learning tools.

As many customers want to maximise the return they get on their learning investment, Global Knowledge ensures that various mechanisms are built into the design and support of each program to help engage learners and evolve learning, even after the formal solution has been delivered.

That engagement can come through on-the-job assignments built into our programmes, or through the use of tools such as virtual communities of practice or customised learning portals. The content to keep the learning alive can be generated by Global Knowledge, or by the learners.