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RESILIA™ - Cyber Resilience

Axelos_Strategic_Partner_RGBRESILIA™ is a portfolio of training, learning and certification aimed at building cyber resilience across the organisation, from the boardroom down. Underpinned by Cyber Resilience Best Practices it comprises of:

  • Foundation and Practitioner Certifications 
  • Organisation wide awareness learning
  • Cyber Pathway Tool
  • Leadership engagement 
  • Professional Development Programme

RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience course available from Global Knowledge:

RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Foundation

Course code: RCRF
Overview: AXELOS RESILIA™: Cyber Resilience Best Practice is designed to help commercial and government organisations around the world prevent, detect and correct any impact cyber attacks will have on the information required to do business.

The Benefits of RESILIA Training

With RESILIA™ training you will gain the knowledge required to effectively impliment cyber resilience this includes learning:

  • Common language across IT and non-IT teams
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Enhanced control, reporting and good governance
  • A framework to exploit ITIL® best practice investments higher levels of certified staff

Want to know more?

Watch our webinar "Resilia – Spearheading the Best Practice crusade for Cyber Resilience" below:


For a more indepth breakdown of benefits to your company and as an individual, download this document now or get in touch with your account manager.