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IBM Power Training

IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. Today's business leaders demand servers designed for big data that are optimised, secure, and adapt to changing workload requirements.

 IBM Power Training Courses available 

Course Code

 AIX Basics  AN10G
 Power Systems for AIX I: LPAR Configuration and Planning  AN11G
 Power Systems for AIX II AIX Implementation and Administration  AN12G
 Power Systems for AIX III: Advanced Administration and Problem Determination  AN15G
 AIX Workload Partitions: Configuration and Management  AN17G
 AIX Network Installation Management Concepts and Configuration  AN22G
 Power Systems for AIX - PowerVM I Implementing Virtualization  AN30G
 Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization II: Advanced PowerVM and Performance  AN31G
 Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization III: Implementing Shared Storage Pools  AN32G
 Power Systems for AIX IV: Performance Management  AN51G
 Implementing AIX Security Features  AN57G
 POWER8 and AIX Enhancements Workshop  AN102G
 Korn and Bash Shell Programming  AN202G
 PERL Programming for Open Systems  AN203G

*Please note this list is an example and not fully inclusive. Please contact us for further Power Training courses available within the IBM Training Voucher scheme.

IBM Storage Training

IBM Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage. By connecting data across any architecture, storage from IBM delivers deeper insights faster - giving you the edge to outthink and outperform your competition and win in the cognitive era.

 IBM Storage Training  Course Code
 IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux  H005G
 Storage Area Networking Fundamentals  SN71G
 Introduction to Storage  SS01G
 IBM Tape Encryption Implementation  SS27G
 IBM System Storage TS7650 ProtecTIER  SS29G
 IBM i DS8000 Copy Services Workshop  SS98G
 IBM Spectrum Accelerate Implementation  SSC30G
 IBM DS8000 Implementation Workshop for Open Systems  SSF0G
 IBM FlashSystem 840 Implementation  SSFS2G
 IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation  SSFS3G
 IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.4 Implementation and Administration  TS615G
 IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6  Installation and Configuration  TS113G
 IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6 Daily Operations and Provisioning  TS114G
 IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6  Cognos Reporting  TS115G
 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1.1 Implementation and Administration  TS614G
 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1 Advanced Admin, Tuning, Troubleshooting  TS623G
 IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.6 Advanced Administration, Tuning, and Troubleshooting  TS625G
 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments 7.1  TS632G
 IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux  H006G

*Please note this list is an example and not fully inclusive. Please contact us for further Storage Training courses available within the IBM Training Voucher scheme.

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