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BCS (ISEB) Diploma in Business Analysis

Changing the business

Businesses need to adapt continually if they are to succeed. Such changes are often (not always) supported by the use of IT. The business analyst is the catalyst of such change, working closely with the business (and IT where applicable) to create innovative solutions to business problems.

The Information Systems Examinations Board offers the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. This diploma provides a well-defined approach for the business analyst to follow, supplemented by proven techniques. It benefits business analysts and others who need to understand businesses and define how they should change.

To gain the Diploma, candidates must pass four written examinations and an oral examination.

  • Core modules
  • Specialist modules
  • Oral examination - lasts for 50 minutes and the candidate is required to demonstrate that they can put the competencies gained in the written examinations into a coherent context. 

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NB: our BCS (ISEB) Business Analysis courses are run in conjunction with an accredited examination body.